Why "yet another" forum?

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Why "yet another" forum?

Post by Udon Chinwag » June 13th, 2017, 1:45 pm

A forum should be a living breathing entity wherever it is based. For us in Udon Thani, always respectful, patient & understanding of Thailand’s culture, laws, les-majeste, History, Buddhism et al.

For me FREE SPEECH IN A FORUM should surely be an acceptable concept with admin censorship limited to the above common sense only.

Especially in private. Enjoy PRIVACY in your PMs. Limited sponsorship - EASY LARGE image capacity.

In pixel chat land Udon Map certainly leads the pack and has a well established membership for over 8 years now. HOWEVER a fresh outlet for expression including my own with less restrictions, boundaries and censorship suits my nature, my verbosity and can do no harm! (Not much anyway).

I believe it may well suit others.

But of course it helps me to promote my own business interests here and slowly but surely they will appear on this site along with others who consider the forum worthwhile.

Please remember this is an organic work in process. Hopefully you will encourage others to join, we can gain momentum and have a bit of fun.

Lastly, technology also moves on and Udon Chinwag is a fully mobile adaptive system enabling use out and about with immediate ease and compatibility for all types of phone, pad, lappie or desktop. Backed and developed with the latest Google Analytic systems we are totally approved and guaranteed by Google - enabling topics to be seen by a fast growing membership and even greater readership on a daily basis.

We are the ONLY forum to achieve that criteria. REALLY. Thai Visa NEARLY made the cut but has "loading issues".. BYE BYE PRINT - Hello mobiles!
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Cheers.. Udon Chinwag (Liam Dale)