A Beast - The Mad Crown Rat = 2 million baht.

Unique and special 2 and 4 wheel drives for sale in Thailand. Some exports are possible.
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A Beast - The Mad Crown Rat = 2 million baht.

Post by Udon Chinwag » January 17th, 2018, 3:42 pm

Something Strange!

But handcrafted Art underneath.
5.4 Litre Truck Engine and 4 Wheel Drive - 80% finished.

Toyota Landcruiser Axles front and rear.

How to describe it ? Not sure where to start. Just to show the range of my Work.

TOO MUCH INFO to list. it once was a Toyota Crown ....

klaus.goergen@gmx.net or telephone 091 561 1766

2Mill THB
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